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Gary Moore's gear on Bonham's

Attilla D'

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OK, I am not certain that this is where this really goes, if not I apologize, but I could not post in the lounge yet, so what the hey, here goes.

I saw a posting about Moore's gear being sold and followed some links and checked it all out. Interesting stuff for many reasons.

I noticed the convo had turned toward the somewhat low numbers being generated by the items and especially a few instruments.

So I start looking closely at the math on these things and found myself struck by the fact that not only are there some REALLY nice pieces here, some VERY rare (1 of 1 is rare, right?) but that there are lop-sided numbers in the mix, too.

The point I am getting at, and the reason for my post here, is a couple of Melody Makers were so backward ( at least to me) in selling price, that it kinda confused me.

Here's why:

a 1965 Melody Maker Double-cut sold for $1784.00 U.S.


a 2004 Melody Maker Single-cut sold for $2433.00 U.S.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why there might be such disparity between these instruments' selling price? Both were Moore's axes. With or without the celebrity provenance that is attached, it just seems a bit skewed to me.

And yeah, I know it is an auction, and things sometimes do that at an auction, but all things being equal otherwise, sorta, should the "teen-aged" guitar REALLY have sold for $650.00 more than the 52 year-old original, classic? Are they even able to be looked at in the same light, or am I missing something profound, information-wise about one or both of these instruments? I would have thought the '65 to be, if not in another "class", so to speak, then at least in a different price-range than the "newbie". So, if the '04 wasn't a "auction-fever" buy, and if the '65 wasn't a "helluva steal", then what could be the reason for this disparity in price?

Anyone wanna weigh in on this and proffer some reason(s) this should be assessed differently?

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Hi Attila, 

I just read your post about the Gary Moore Melody Maker - just for info - I was the lucky guy who bought this - I too was amazed when I submitted a low offer - all I wanted to spend at the time and enormously surprising to me I was contacted and told I had won the bid - I still think it was a hell of a steal at that price as you say. 



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