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Bayou Boy stuck in the Artic Tundra

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I've been playing since the 80's, but still have the proficiency of a beginner...I finally found a used SG in my price range(it'd been a dream of mine since I was a teen)...my young bride decided to start playing again and I'm trying to give her a refresher course(which is hilarious considering my playing level)...I'd love to find an exact replacement of her Flying V that she bought new during the 90's...she's having to make due with an old Squier Strat(unfortunate, but the only extra guitar I had with a slimmer, more narrow neck like her Flying V(which I didn't think would be on any Gibson, not that I've heard of anyway)...I'll post a pic similar to hers with a detailed script later(it's gonna be a fun one to find)...I figured if anyone can help me with this quest, I'd be ya'll...with some luck, she'll be cranking out some Iron Maiden again(oh yeah baby!!!!!!!)

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