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I picked up this SG and am looking specifically for how the pickups are activated. The third volume didn’t seem to make any difference to the tone or volume so I took it to my local shop (where I bought it) had the luthier check it out. He says it’s fine, just not the same as other three position Gibsons.


I got the configuration from the local shop guy and am not sure I got it right.


Treble - Middle / Bridge

Center - Neck / Middle / Bridge

Rhythm - Neck / Middle


And the third volume balances the Neck and Bridge. So 0 is Neck off Bridge on 10 and 10 is Bridge off Nd Neck on 10. 5 is both on.


It’s a little confusing assuming I understood and remembered it correctly.


Anyway, I’m looking for a definitive answer or spec. I couldn’t find it at Gibson or on line, the booklet is fairly generic, and the gear reviews are for the Black and Blue Casino not the SG.



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