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Guest Farnsbarns

Dear Gibson,


I'd like to recognise that you're a privately owned company with permanently closed accounting, the internal affairs of which we know nothing except the hot air of a handful of disgruntled employees who are, by their definition, going to have a negative perspective.


I'd like to recognise that because of the above we have no idea what you should be doing, if your business model meets the needs of the business or whether this is working for you. We know not whether you intend to continue building guitars for ever. We know not if you intend to remain am American company or whether you might decide to relocate to China.


Being a privately owned company that is entirely up to you and your senior management. I might buy more of your guitars, if I like a guitar and I can afford it, but I might not. To you, I am insignificant and this doesn't matter.


Good luck for the the future Gibson. I don't own 1 billionth of 1 percent of your assets, your future or the revenue generated by your decisions so you do it as you see fit. I'll carry on buying things I like when I can.


Kind regards.






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