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Slotted headstock with volute


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I have a 70/71 EB-0 bass with a professionally repaired slotted headstock. The rear of the headstock was also refinished. The volute didn't appear until 72 solid headstocks but mine has one. Carefully examining the repair it looks like an upside down scarf joint but the bottom of the "U" looks solid, implying the headstock never actually broke off completely. The volute looks very nice and identical to a 72 volute on a solid headstock.

I realize transition guitars are common, especially around this era, but I'm pretty sure this is something special. I assume the slot head only lasted 2 years probably because of all the broken warranty repairs from the exceptionally weak spot so to have a slot head with a volute to reinforce it seemed like a good idea. Assuming mine was made this way the volute obviously didn't help because this needed repair.

If anyone could shed some light I'd appreciate it. I have yet to see another slot head with volute.

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