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electra 225 bass anyone?


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last week my dad thought he got a good deal at a pawn shop, for a gibson epiphone electra 225 4 string bass(short scale): serial # L-98040087. he seems to think its vintage, i think its some type of clone. it has an SG body and weighs a ton. it has a single pick up, chromed just like on the old gibsons. it has a cherry finish, and on the plate is says "electra 225" on it. it kinda has that flashy/tacky look that was common in the 50's and 60's. now my dad is no idiot, he knows his stuff. 61' fenders fretless bass, an all original 62' strat, an eric johnson, and a nice barf green 75th aniversary gretch, so he knows what to look for, but i think hes wrong on this one. my issue is that this bass looks brand new, not a dent or a scratch. but i cant find any info on it anywhere, any info if greatly apprecitaed, if more in fo is need just drop me a line. Thx Steven

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