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Wiring Schematic for Lab Series Speaker Cabinet


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Folks, I need to replace all four of the 12" speakers in my Lab Series L11 speaker cab (Model 313A perhaps?).


I need two bits of info.


First, the speakers are not marked with an impedence, so I need to know what impedence speakers to buy.


Second, a wiring schematic of the speaker cab would be great to have handy, just in case something goes south.



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Hey There.


I would recommend using a multi meter and setting it to ohms and measuring the resistance between the positive and negative terminals on each speaker. This will determine what resistance each speaker that is currently installed. You might not get an exact reading but it should be close enough to either 4 ohm , 8 ohm or 16 ohm. See the link below, this has all the 4x12 wiring options. I would make sure to wire it to match the Ohm rating written on the cabinet input jack.




Below is a link to the schematic. It looks like it is multipurpose but the L11 -313A is there. The L11-313A has four 12" 16 Ohm speakers according to this schematic and should be wired in Series-Parallel to yield a 16ohm input.





I hope this helps. Good luck on your project. I am sure you will figure this out.

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