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Help Identifying the Gibson, possibly ES125 TDC

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Hi everyone I work at a guitar store in Northern Colorado and I had a customer bring in this Gibson that his dad bought in 68 or 66 apparently. The bossman has tasked me with finding what it is exactly. It looks like a 66 or 68 ES125TDC to me however the those did not come with humbuckers. It does have a screw for P90's in the body as well however. If there's any of you guys who know what this may be that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



post-74690-099258600 1518292606_thumb.jpg

post-74690-036371500 1518292615_thumb.jpg

post-74690-030785600 1518292676_thumb.jpg

post-74690-054807700 1518292755_thumb.jpg

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