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Some time ago, a friend told me that everyone at work was

convinced that he would get ripped-off if he accepted $100,000

for his invetion.

I told him that he was better off grapping the cash and let

someone else worry about it.


I had the misfortune of once having an original idea and contacted

a company that promised they would take care of everything,

ultimtely getting a license agreement.

The person I dealt with, follow-up on all aspects of developing

the finished product;

1. Patent search.

2. Type of product;

a. Modular add-on

b. Non-modular modification of an existing product.

3. Software for the robotic machining of components.

4. Packaging.

5. The approach toward potential licenser's/manufacturers.


They charged me just under $700 to initiate the patent search.

Then they wanted to charge me $11,000 to continue a

process necessary for the filing of Federal Patents which would

otherwise by yourself will cost you hundreds of dollars, provided

you are up to it.

So, where does it leave everyone except lawyers and



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