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Greetings Vintage Corner. I recently picked up a DOA Medalist 212 SS amplifier and I am looking for any information I can find on these (slim pickings at this point). Schematics would be extremely helpful, but an owner's manual (PDF) or sharing any personal experience with this amp could also be really helpful. Since it was non-functional when I bought it (partially functional now), I'm weighing cost of repairs (in time and/or money) against possible re-sale valuation. The speakers are Eminence Alnico with the aluminum dust cap. One has voice coil issues, but the other sounds good. Is this amp collectible enough to be concerned about swapping in new Eminence speakers in lieu of a re-cone on the bad speaker? I bought this as more of a project with potential returns (not to mention keeping a cool classic alive) rather than something I want to keep for myself. The thing is close to the size of a 4x12 cabinet, and I just don't have the space for it. Thanks for any input you would like to share!

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