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91 Les Paul Custom or is it?

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Hi All,


New to this but seemed to have bought a weird one recently

* Alpine White

* Tail and bridge made in Japan

* Grover Tuners

* Both pick ups PAT # 2, 737, 842

* 38950 1427 cts on one of the tone controls and 86 500k 1314 cts on the other and it's hard to see but the volumes look like the same # ish as the 1314

* the serial number is 6 digits and doesn't say made in the USA starts with 74****

* orange drop cap is SBE715P 200V 223J 1234

* gold speed knobs

* Brass nut (I think)

* One person at Gibson thought it was an early 70s and I can see why but it not a pancake and is in too good shape I think

* another person at Gibson thinks it is some type of reissue tribute to the early 70s made in 91

* Plays amazing, loads of sustain and really nice distortion

post-70321-036409400 1522207411_thumb.jpg

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