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Q? on Explorer top cavity

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Don't know if this the right place or not, but I am trying to find out if all the Gibson explorers that have a pickguard have an open cavity on the top or front of the guitar under it? Are there any current models that are for sale that have a pickguard and no open cavity? The ones that have no pickguard and no cavity are hard to come by especially at a reasonable price like the 1984 reissue or the shredder X. I don't understand why Gibson just doesn't make the 1984 reissue a standard model like the Epiphone EX.


The reason I am looking for is I have a painting project in mind and I don't wanna paint the plastic pickguard and I don't wanna fill in with a filler that large of deadspace. Or is their any way to find out if Gibson has any explorers like that in the works coming up in the near future since all the ones I can find seem to be limited run models that are no longer available? You know what they should do is since the 1984 reissue was made famous by James Hetfeild they should do a 1984 Re-Reissue like garage days Re-revisited.


Any info would be appreciated cause I don't think the guys at guitar center would look to kindly on me walking in with a screw driver and taking off pickguards and that is my next move lol

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