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Nice little 59 LG-3 followed me home last night


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I didn't come to buy, but at the final price of $1350 (haggled down from $1900) I couldn't resist. I found her at the local Sam Ash which is located in the same shopping complex as Guitar Center. GC had a '59 in slightly better playing condition for $2,999 (which no doubt added fuel to my fire). Mine's gonna need a partial refret on the first 4 and some re-seating of frets at the body where a little hump has developed. There is a rock solid pickguard crack which doesn't seem to be an issue. Other than that it is in wonderful, original condition. I think I can get it up to prime playing order for under $200. It sounds great as is, except some serious buzzing as I approach the upper frets.


Needless to say my wife was not with me. In fact, she's in another state this weekend - that explains how I managed to spend the day casually browsing guitars. I haven't told her yet. I have nothing to fear, right? I can tell her in all honesty that this was too good a deal to pass up? I haven't really been studying late-50s LG-3s. I feel like I've seen the non-adjustable, pre-"B" designation, variety selling over 2K on e-bay and gbase. She usually doesn't sweat anything under 1,500, but I've got a Costello Century of Progress on order (since f****** September!). That large expenditure has been hanging over our heads for way too long.


I'll get pics up eventually.

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