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They're Callin' me a Newbie!! Kool!


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Hello! My name is Cary Fly, my current band is the cary fly band. Please check out excerpts from my 1st 3 CDs for free at www.reverbnation.com/caryfly ..I had my 2nd guitar lesson from Les Paul in the laundry room of our house in Pasadena in 1962. Mom sang with Mary Ford (Colleen Summers) and Les in the early 50's. I had a Fender w/a Wang bar, and I showed Les my Duane Eddy surf chops (age 11!), and he showed me how to play the basic chords of 'How High the Moon'. Afterwards, Mom asked me how it went, and,( because when I played Pipeline or whatever with my wang bar, he said "I can't do that!") and, not having a clue that he was saying that because he did not have a tremolo bar on his guitar (Of course I never noticed his name on the headstock, hey I was 11!) I told Mom "He said I was better than he is!) Well, for decades at Family Thanksgiving and etc. Gatherings, everyone in my family would listen to Mom tell the embarrassing story for all to hear, which really didn't bother me until about age 15, when I (duh) Finally realized who 'That old guy' was!! You would think that would be enough, but then Grandma gently reminded me that Burl Ives was her friend that came over right before Christmas in '58 and taught me 'Big Rock Candy Mountain!'. Well, honestly, I just kept playin as good as I could as much as possible trying do all those people proud. I mean .. what would you have done? Same thing, I imagine. ~~~

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