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What should I do ?


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Hi everyone,


I'm getting more and more confused about the evolution of the DF. Here is what I understand :


1- no tool for defining personal PEQ or specific mic configuration : not as many sounds as advertised

2- the flame top should be less nice (i'm not even talking about the "no flame top" we've heard about) as the one advertised (even pics have changed on the web site...)

3- maybe an RMA will be needed after DF reception

4- no delivery date at all for europe, and no communication at all from Gibson


So, points 1 and 2 are clearly a modification of specifications of what I believe to buy three month ago. As we don't have news from Gibson, we don't know if

- we will have (but later) a tool to configure our own sounds

- flame tops won't be as the one we've seen


I'm starting to wonder if I cancel or not my order... I'm really interested in this guitar, but as time flyes I'm getting more and more worried. And having no news from gibson doesn't help at all.


If you've got an opinion on that...

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Cant really comment on 1 or 2, but I would suspect (1) could be resolved with firmware update

3 - this hopefully wont be the case as the whole reason we are waiting is becuase they are sorting out the QA process.

4 - asked my dealer to chase Gibson Europe. He spoke to them on wednesday and they have no news either!


My dealer was quite quick to offer a different guitar...I think because I bought at the old, lower price, and they know they can sell at the new higher price...that should tell you something. The price in UK has risen by £400

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If i were you i would take into consideration, that while there is a chance of an RMA or a flame-top that may not be optimal...

1.) you will have a guitar that WILL work flawlessly eventually. You'll still have a limited edition dark fire that is fully operational even if an RMA is req'd, they'll get it right and ship it back. Read elantric's post on his thank you.

2.) even though the top may not be optimal, you have what i would consider a better chance of getting one with nice flames. QA is improving and take into consideration that out of all the guitars that have been shipped only a few have "less than desirable tops" on here.

I would still do it... even if it takes a year to get it, i would still want this guitar. What's a year over the course of a lifetime. If you don't act soon enough you definitely will miss out on the first runs, which added to the desirability for me. Good luck making your decision and let us know what you decide to do.

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I say keep your order reserved in the back order que.


Take up a new hobby (Gardening, Motorcycle restoration, Video Editing, etc) then when you get the email that your Dark Fire has arrived - it will be a pleasant surprise.


Trust me - the Forum will be the last place you will hear about the status of YOUR guitar.


Checking here each our hour for an update will drive you mad.

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Here is what I've come to : wait for it and if I'm not satisfied I'll see the seller.


But for the time going.... Damn, I'll find myself buying an other new guitar before receiving my dark fire.... (virage, prs singlecut hollowbody with piezo, lag ip3000? don't know...)


I should ask gibson to pay me for the next guitar :)

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