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BB King Standard, ?


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Different strokes for different folks


The guitars are both excellent. The ES-335 has a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard, and the BB King has a maple 3 or 5 piece neck, with an ebony fingerboard. The pickups are 57 PAF's on the 335 and Alnico 5 490's on the BB King. The ES335 has f-holes and the King doesn't; I believe both have maple bodies. The Bridge is more LP- like (ABR-1?) on the ES335; the King has a TP-1 bridge that is functional for tuning. That is the technical side, which so easily impresses some people.


For me, as I think tone comes from my fingers, it won't matter much in the end. I have a ES-347(now defunct, unless Musicians Friend decides to order some direct from Gibson for a special sale), which has the same build as the BB King, except with f-holes and Series 7 (Dirty Fingers) pickups w/ a coil-tap. So play both and choose the one you like. Oh yeah they're both Gibsons, you won't have a problem sounding good.:-#

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