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Les Paul juniors. Difference between models?

Hot Cake

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what are the main, and or other differences, that i have missed, between the models below, as their prices vary a lot. I'm referring to the single cut version.


Les Paul junior VOS

Custom shop built, fatter 50s neck, angled bridge, P90, hardcase.



Les Paul junior 1958 satin

Mass built, thinner (SG standard-like?) 60s neck, straight bridge, nitro finish, P90.



Les Paul junior Billy Joe Armstrong model

Mass built, thinner (SG standard-like?) 60s neck, angled bridge, gloss finish, H90, hardcase.



I'm put off a little bit by the BJA model, due to it being a modified P90, but i do like the vintage burst finish, like the VOS version.


Any comments/advice appreciated. I really need one of these, as i love P90s and the tone of these guitars. Thanks.

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No big difference. The originals had a neck referred to as a baseball bat. I like the original two tone sunburst also. I can't figure out why the BGA is so expensive. No help here really. You'll have to play a few to figure it out.

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So i went and did a bit of research and checked out a few. I managed to have a look at a real 58 junior and wow!Lovely fat neck. The faded/nitro Jrs aren't very impressive, in that the necks really are a lot thinner and the finish (even though i like nitro) just looked like a quick slap-dash layer of white wash.


I also noticed on this model and a BJA one, that where the wraparound tailpiece met the wood, it was a bit 'messy,' so to speak.


I've decided though that i want to go for the VOS version (in vintage sunburst) because of that neck. Sadly i can't justify going for an original 50s, as much as i would love to.

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