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Still being fobbed off by Gibson


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After waiting since early January and getting more and more frustrated by the lack of meaningful information about UK delivery dates, I emailed Gibson requesting some news that would convince me not to cancel my DF order.


I have my own opinions about the reply - what are yours?

Thank you for writing to us.


The message from Gibson about the Dark Fire from 2nd of January was the last official update. We have not received any confirmed information since.


We are sorry that we cannot send you a fresher update at this time and will forward your feedback to our production team. Let us assure you that the entire Dark Fire team (which does include members of Gibson's top management) is already aware of the issue and they are actively working on the project so that orders for the Dark Fire can be fulfilled. We want everyone that ordered a Dark Fire to have it ASAP, but we don't yet have a firm delivery date to offer.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again or refer to our webpage at www.gibson.com



Don't Gibson realise that they are alienating LOYAL (see my guitar list!) customers by keeping us in the dark like this?


My dealer is getting frustrated as he has 5 of us ringing hime every week and Gibson are telling him nothing either.


Fender must be laughing all day long!

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There is more to life than getting worried over delivery of a guitar,

Gibson will come up with the goods and we will all have our guitars eventually.


Whatever problems are going on behind the scenes im sure they will get ironed out soon.


Come on Mr Gibson please us all soon +:-@)

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