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I have retrieved a BR-9 amp from the basement and want to proceed toward getting it back to original condition.

The field-coil/electrodynamic speaker had an open voice coil and had been put away for reconing someday and now has a modern PM (Permanent Magnet) speaker, a series resistor and I assume a filter choke.


I haven't spent alot of time looking closely at the wiring yet, but am puzzled by a couple things...


1) what looks like a below-chassis mounted choke, with a number stamped on top...I only see two wires, so conclude it can't be a phase-splitter drive transformer.


2) The PM speaker has a transformer screwed to it's frame, but I don't know if it's original.


Does anyone have any pics of a stock BR-9 interior so I can tell what may have been changed?


I haven't found the FC speaker yet to see if it has a transformer on it - it's in a box in a safe place, more layers down.


If no pics, I'll take some of mine next time I'm inside it and post those for feedback that way.


Thank you!



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