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I need some help!


I have had this guitar a while and it worked awesome but I tried to charged it today but doesnt worked!


I did all the stuff the manual says, I even changed the chord but it doesnt work

I turned the MCK out, pushed the C led and the battery level came, when the guitar was seeking for its charger I connected the adaptor to the guitar with a standar guitar chord, the adaptor came green but the guitar was still shining red and after 120 seconds it turned off .... HELP!

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This is electronics 101.


I have had to do this with Dark Fire on occasion' date=' and I do have access to a Robot 1 -


This reset procedure works 100%, and often corrects operational anomalies.[/quote']

It's just like resetting a router then or pulling the battery out of your computer to reset factory settings.

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mmm I am new in the worlds of electronics ... can you give me more specific information? the battery is the one that says tronical right? if so...

you said disconnect the red lead from the battery can you explain me how? i am afraid that the cable breaks ...

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I did all the things you said, but the problem is still there! the charger goes green but the guitar is still seeking the charger... I have 4/10 of charge, for Emergency charge do it has to have 0 battery?

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sorry to hear that you are still having problems.

If the charger goes green and the guitar does not charge the reasons could be:


1) The cable is too long.

2) Wrong power supply. It should have 12 V DC and 1000 mA!!


3) Dead Battery, which is most unlikely because you said it displays 4/10 charge level.

Anyway, in this case we will send you a spare battery.








You play. we tune.

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