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Is Epiphone TB Bass Gone?


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I was just searching internet looking to buy a second Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird IV, but I noticed that it is out of stock, nobody seems to have it.  So, I went to the Epiphone’s Website, and sh*t you not, the Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird is nowhere to be found.

So, looking for answers, I come here to this forum to see if anybody knows anything about it, and guess what? The “Epiphone Basses” category in the Drop Down is gone too. Just last Saturday I created a new post right in this Forum under the “Epiphone Basses” category, and 3 days later, the category is not available. Just try and see for yourself, click on the Plus sign on top, then select “Create Topic” and look for “Epiphone Basses”… it is gone! and it was there 3 days ago.

I’m able to write under the “Epiphone Basses” category today only when searching for old posts and clicking on “Start New Topic”, which creates the topic under the selected category by default.

What is going on?
Is there any recall I do not know?


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