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Gibson Les paul finish issues

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Hi Folks

I have a Les Paul that is having some strange finish issues.  There is a sticky residue that keeps showing up in one area of the body. I wipe it off and it seems to come back again.

It does not seem to be coming from the pot area and all the caps look good its just the wood around it. Almost like it is coming out of the wood? Has anyone else ever experienced this happening and is there a cure?



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I have a different weird finish issue on a 2016 Les Paul Studio... in normal light it just looks like a dull spot on the front, but in brighter fluorescent light or if you hit it with a flashlight it's like there's a weird orange hue over the wine red stain.  If I use a mild polish with a white cloth some of it will show up on the white cloth.  But even the very faint parts (almost looks like brush marks on some of the edges) never come off even with scratch remover.  I haven't gotten real aggressive with it... but on one hand it looks like it's underneath the lacquer and won't come off, but on the other hand you can get a little color on a white rag like it's painted over the lacquer.


It is ONLY on part of the front, you can see it in the picture below the bridge and extending around the top to near the pickup switch (at least I hope you can).  The back, sides, and neck don't have any discoloration at all, and polish with a white cloth does not transfer any color to the cloth.


I'm not sure if it came from the factory like this, or the previous owner did it trying to fix something in the finish.  I'm the second owner so it's not under warranty.


Hope this works, if not let me know






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