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1968 Melody Maker SG


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hey everyone,


I am trying to figure some information out on this guitar but i really haven't been able to find anything.

I am repainting one of my SG's and turning it into a melody maker clone such as this one:




Everywhere i look to find out information on it though i get stumped. Mainly I'm looking to find out what the name of the paint is and a code for it so i can purchase some to paint my guitar with. Im looking for the metallic red paint and not the regular red. If you have any information let me know!




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Note there was another custom Gibson color introduced in 1965 that wasn't on their Firebird custom color charts. This color was "Sparkling Burgundy", and was Gibson's equivalent to Fender's Candy Apple Red. It was even applied in the same manner as Fender's CAR. That is, it had a silver metallic basecoat beneath a translucent red color coat. This gave a deeper metallic finish than the one-step automotive metallics which combined the metallic particles with the color.

Strangely, the vintage guitar market does not value Gibsons in Sparkling Burgundy as highly as Fenders in Candy Apple Red. Sparkling Burgundy seems to be the only Gibson color that is actually worth the same or less than Cherry Red. This probably wouldn't apply to a Firebird, but on models where Cherry Red is the norm (such as an ES-335, 345, or 355), this does seem to be the case. This is probably because Gibson's Sparkling Burgundy does not wear well (but either does Fender's CAR).

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