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Looking for close up profile of ES 135


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I am looking for close up side profiles of ES 135. I am trying to see if my pickups are the normal height to the fret board and I can set my Bridge height from there. I have stripped it down and rebuiling it..I forgot to take specs down before I dismantled it...silly me! so if any body got some really clear set up images or if you set up plays great can I have a really detailed spec so i can match .


What I need is:


Neck Pickup face to fret board (above /below? in mm)

I can work the bridge from the neck


Saddle height from body to top of strings or what ever you think will help?

Images would make it easier to undestand as well.


Thanks guys



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Hi Cistec,


I hope I'm not overlooking something in your email but there are no "correct" heights for bridges or pickups.


The height of the bridge is determined by how high you want the strings to be off the fretboard. Rock and roll players tend to like strings very low, jazzers a bit higher and I am told that you could fit your finger between the strings and fretboard of Freddie Green's guitar.


Once the string height is set, you then adjust the pickup height. There is a suggested distance between humbuckers and strings (that you should be able to find through Google) but you may wish to deviate from this depending on your tonal requirements.



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