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Your life's soundtrack...?


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Hey people... Ok, if you had to pick say 8-12 songs that have influenced/affected you the most through your life(musically or personally); the songs you can relate and identify most with. Ok here goes, it would probably vary sllightly from day to day but here, but for now:

Bob Dylan- Masters of War

Jimi Hendrix- Red House, pali gap

Nirvana- Dumb

Daniel Johnston- Life in Vain

Lynyrd Skynyrd- Simple Man

Bob Marley- Three litlle Birds

Todd Snider- Alright guy

Muddy Waters- Live the Life I love, Champagne and Reefer

SRV- Scuttle Buttin


I could go on, but I shall leave it at that for now......


What about you guys?

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