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Epiphone G-1275 Double Neck Neck Dive


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Hi guys

I recently picked up an '05 G-1275 double neck. Nearly mint condition, and got it at a great price on an ebay auction - proper bargain! I couldn't help myself... channelling my inner jimmy page..

Anywho, it feels and plays great. Gave the fretboards a good clean and coating of lemon oil, new strings and it's a dream. Only thing is (apart from the fact it weighs a ton but i knew that) it neck dives at any given opportunity. Of course you can just hold it up, but it puts unnecessary stress on the left hand and its just plain difficult with a guitar of this size - all those iconic poses with a double neck wern't for show they were probably trying to battle with the thing to keep the necks up!

I was just wondering if anyone's got any remedies for neck dive in general, or any fellow double neck owners what you've done specifically. I have a grippy strap which kinda helps but not enough, and i've seen the ideas of adding weights in the cavity but not too sure on the idea of adding even more weight to it.. I've also seen the idea of moving the front strap pin elsewhere as its more to do with centre of gravity, but not to sure i like the idea of drilling holes in it either.. unless i was 100% sure it would work. 

Any ideas please throw them my way! 

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