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Identifying an "SG"

Reg Stainback

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Hello, I was gifted a 60's model SG , today. And I need help trying to nail down the year.  The serial number seems to be 700054.  Any information would help.  Also, if anyone knows of a skilled restorationist, I would be grateful.   I live in Atlanta, Georgia.   Thank you,  Reg Stainback

No description available.

No description available.ear. I believe the No description available.ear. I believe the serial number says, "700054".  Can I remove the plastic plate on the back, to find it inside?




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That, my friend, is a Melody Maker, and a factory 2nd. That’s usually because of a finish issue, and not a big deal. Pelham Blue, I believe. I’m sure someone will give you an approximate year from the SN. You can probably find yourself with a quick online search.

I don’t believe you need a “skilled restorationist”. From the looks of it, I’m pretty sure that it’s all original. Looks to be from your photos. You just need a set up and new strings. Don’t know what kind of a guitar player you are, but those guitars were made to be strung with wound G string. So if you’re playing rhythm, I would strongly recommend using a set with wound G string

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After closer scrutiny, it appears you have some significant fretboard wear. Since I cannot see where the strings touch the frets when you play, I can’t see if there is fret wear, but with the visible fingerboard wear, it’s likely you need new frets or at least a leveling. Again; this is just normal wear. But you could consider it a “fretboard restoration”. Maybe that’s what you meant.

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