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Steinberger not enough bridge tension

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Hey y'all,

I was changing guitar strings this morning and weirdly, I couldn't tune the D string (was tuned flat even with string-screwknob turned all the way). I've been changing strings on this guitar for 10 years no problem.

I looked online and tried some stuff but couldn't raise the tension enough on the D string. Finally I started turning the Master Tuning Knob but that turned out to be a mistake because now I messed up my guitar even further it seems.

Right now the bottom side of the bridge is protruding way too much (see pic). I tried turning the master knob way up but the bridge started creaking so I turned it back, but I can't even get the other strings to get in tune now (they all tune flat).


Any thoughts? I'm not sure I want to do anything else because it only seemed to make stuff worse. I really hope I didn't mess up my guitar because it is my favorite and I'd hate to have it be cracked or something.


Thoughts comments appreciated.





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Well, it's possible that the spring tab (on the bottom of the tremolo top) is severely bent or broken. You'll need to take the trem apart for checking it.

For doing so, remove the strings and completely turn down the spring tension. Then you'll be able to pull the trem top a little bit backwards (away from the pivot posts) and then upwards. Take it off and inspect the spring tab and the pivot posts. These are examples for damage on both:

Bent spring tab (with breaking as the next level of damage):

Bent pivot posts:

Post the pics of what you find…


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