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1960 Melody Maker Strange Serial Number Font


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Hello everyone. I recently purchased what I believe to be a massively modded 1960 Gibson Melody Maker. I have no illusions of collectibility for this guitar -- the '70s hit it with a sledge hammer, or at least with a rusty screwdriver, gouging out routes for a DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge pickup, late '70s era patent-number engraved Gibson neck pickup, and why not an extra set of stoptail studs and a Leo Quan Badass patent applied for bridge.

Anyway, what I need help with is the serial number. The "0 7XXX" number is barely visible under the lacquer, and comparing it to many other "0 XXXX" serial numbers online looks like a strangely large, scripted font that is very close to the top of the headstock. Any information or ID help would be appreciated, especially any nitty gritty about why, if authentic, the serial number application deviates from what seems to be the norm.

FWIW, it does have Gibson pots that date to mid 1960.

Album here: https://imgur.com/a/3iPiiAp. I've altered the lighting on several of the photos to make the serial number more visible. 

Happy to provide any more info and photos. Thanks in advance!

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