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Line6 GuitarRig control question


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In a previous post you said you were using a line6 floor model to control your guitar rig. Can you please give me some tips. I am having problems getting GR3 to see my line6 as a midi device when I have it plugged into my usb port. Do I have to use a midi to usb converter? Do I have to have gearbox running? I am also using a macbook pro.



A second kind of related question. Can you direct your and input and outputs in guitar rig to different audio devices? Can your audio in come from the rip and your audio out go to your pc speakers? I saw a post in software in how to do this using the aggregation feature on the mac.


Thanks for the help



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Download this:





Refer to the POD XT Live MIDI "TX" (MIDI Transmit) columns beginning on page 2*2



Be sure to enable MIDI Transmit - see the "Gearbox 3.6 Manual " for more details on enabling MIDI transmit on POD XT Live.




Use MIDIPIPE to verify you are seeing MIDI CC# data being transmitted (via USB) by the top row of stomp footswitches on the POD XT Live





For example:


Comp Footswitch = MIDI CC# 27


Delay Footswitch = MIDI CC# 28




You do not have any flexibility to remap the POD XT Live MIDI Transmit commands - they are fixed


You must use MIDIPipe to document / verify what specific MIDI CC# and MIDI Patch change commands get sent for each POD XT Live pedal.



Armed with this Footswitch "Map" - you can then launch GR3 - and under preferences declare the POD xT Live as the MIDI Input device - then follow the instructions to assign GR3 FX to specific MIDI CC# commands that you discovered using MIDIPIPE.


Plan B


You may optionally use a third party USB to MIDI Interface (M-Audio UNO, etc) and connect the POD XT Live 5 pin DIN MIDI Out to the USB to MIDI Interface's MIDI IN.

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Steve, Thanks for the help.


THe problem is that the X3 is not showing via usb as a midi device. The driver must not be installed properly. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. The midipipe is cool!

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You must install the current USB Driver for your line 6 device.


Also - you have an X3?


That may be the problem!


Depending on the Firmware , the POD X3 does not Send any MIDI commands - unless you install the very latest Firmware update.


I do not own one.


I have POD XT Live.


Run Line6 Monkey and be sure you up to date -

But understand that the POD X3 lacks a few MIDI features that the Older XT Live has.

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