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Any good for wild tunings like open C or others with +5 frets up-tuning?


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Hello again,


I've come to the conclusion I'll have to just ring up a dealer several hundred miles away and order the guitar I want without seeing it - there are so few of them in the UK.


Before I do, can anyone tell me if its good for eccentric tunings like open C, where I tune some strings up 5 or more frets?


I know I can program my own custom tunings, but I'm wondering about the practicality of stretching strings that much for the odd song & expecting them to last a night, let alone a couple of weeks.


Anyone got experience of drastic tunings working out OK?



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OK, so I scored a naturalburst SG - and to answer my own question - no, it isn't any good for weird tunings. The system has a limit of frequency extremes that each string's sensor will recognise, which seems to be 3 frets from standard tuning.


I even had it refuse to retune my b string up to D - giving me the pink flashinig light (which means frequency extreme reached). However, after another go a few minutes later, it did accept that tuning.


So I need to set my tunings to within 3 frets of standard then use a capo. Not ideal, but it will work.


Now we know.

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