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External speaker (ga20t)


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Hey all.


I picked up a '58 GA20-T a little while ago and have adored it every second I play it. Sadly I play it in my basement for the most part. I just did my first show with it on the weekend and had to crank it because the sound system at the venue was on the fritz. Not a huge deal, but I really didn't want the dimed distortion going all the time.


This got me to thinking that it might not be a bad idea to set it up with a external speaker jack. I took a look inside and noticed that the speaker has it's own output transformer. I don't know a whole lot about the in's and out's of electronics, but I do know that the output transformer directly effects ohm rating.


I've done a lot of small repairs on guitars and amps, so i have a pretty good handle on soldering. I was just wondering if there was a safe way to install an external speaker jack. Also, would it be wise to build a powered cabinet so i could control the volume independently on the cab without having to adjust the Amp volume away from its sweet spot.


Sorry if I rambled on a bit there :-k


Thanks in advance.

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