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2017 HP wiring and new pickups


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Hi all, first post and I couldn't find a similar thread in the search and Google has not been kind!

I've got a 2017 Les Paul Standard HP and I wish to change the stock pickups to Bare Knuckles, 4 conductor. Ceramic nailbomb in the bridge and cold sweat in the neck. The BB Pros are excellent for rock but I need the metals.

Now my issue...it's all upside down and back to front!! Converting the two manufacturers colour codes to match the coils start/finish and I'm getting all sorts of weird stuff and not the switching options as usual.

I've tried a number of different routings with the quick connect converters and the closest I got was the switching working correctly but the pots were in the pulled position for normal operation, then pushed in for things like coil splitting.

I believe it's because the HP burstbuckers are reverse wound/reverse polarity (stated on the specs page). Is there a wiring option that will get me normal operation or will the Bare Knuckles need the magnets reversing?

Thanks for reading, thanks for any help :)


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