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For those of you who are lucky enough to already own a Dark Fire, how about posting some sound bites or links to them here in this thread. Would have been nice if Gibson had already done this. I know, home rigs will sound different but it would be interesting.

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Dark Fire Video Links:

Gibson Dark Fire Demos




Winter NAMM 2009 Report - Gibson Dark Fire Details - up close


Toni DaRosa of Tronical - Tuning Demonstration


Techware Labs


Distinctive Guitar - function description.


Interview with Henry Juszkiewicz at CES 2009


Winter NAMM 2009 - Gibson product specialist Aljon Go Dark Fire Demonstration



Chameleon Tone Rundown 8:48 (In Italian) with a perfectly functioning Dark Fire

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i record instrumental guitar pieces using the DF, you can stream them from here




just click albums and there should be either 6 or 7 songs depending on when the last one finishes loading, i should mention as well that all the effects and recording is done in guitar rig three, recorded by using the tapedeck feature

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Thanks guys!


Eric that was really nice stuff! Were all those done with the Dark Fire? I know you mentioned Guitar Rig 3 as well, but I'm amazed at the acoustic sounds you got from that setup. Awesome, uncanny, freakin' GREAT! Thanks.


Anyone else?

My ears are dancin' and jonesin' for more now.


The YouTube stuff is OK but it pales to what Eric just layed down for us.

Thanks again man!

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everything but surreal was done on the DF, I recorded that one years ago. The acoustic sounds in GR3 really are pretty amazing, i haven't tried using my standard les with the acoustic set-ups yet, but i'm sure they won't sound anything like what i have now with the piezo. glad you guys enjoyed the music though, I did a couple with distortion and i'll see if they're still on my harddrive.

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