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Hi everyone, im in the uk and I’ve had several Epiphone acoustic guitars over  the years .  Back in Jan this year 22, I bought a masterbilt hummingbird. Now one thing that puzzled was nowhere on the guitar does it state that it is Masterbilt.  If I ever decide to sell it, how could I prove that it was a masterbilt version.  I understand that all masterbilt guitars are made in china , but having checked the serial number I see that it was made in Indonesia.

can anyone offer any advice on this guitar,

thanks for taking the time to read this

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I would compare your it to other instruments in its class then assess the value accordingly. For example, my SJ flat top Southerner Jumbo is more powerful than any Hummingbird that I have played. Myopic musicians value a guitar as per its model; but the label will have little meaning to a professional that recognizes the quality of an instrument that offers a signature sound on stage and in the recording studio. If a prospective buyer is incapable of recognizing the quality of an exceptional guitar then he or she will be reluctant to meet your price. In such case, its pearls before the swine. 

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