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Ok.... here's what happened...


i usually only play in standard tuning and i just put on a fresh set of strings 2 days ago and played about maybe 3 hours , and tuned about 2 times...


today, i plugged in my guitar and i pulled out the mck and then strummed,



Boom! it doesn't tune, the high e, g , and a strings led's just flash white when i strum.


so what i did was i followed through the manual to reset to factory defaults thinking that my band members kinda screwed with my settings, so i said ok it should be fine..


i reset and got the "y" red confirmation at the end of the setup and still same symptoms.


has anyone else had this problem ? ... i read through the long manual, couldn't find it, maybe i am illiterate or blind - eyed but could not find it.


no search records found on the forums. nor google.


please if someone knows how to correct this issue i would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you

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nope the strings are not touching the base of the bridge no where near it...


also cant string down nor up at this point... no tuning/stringing will work in any setting try.


and it is almost 95 percent in tune. when i just open strum.... it seems to be in standard tune by ear.


i will shoot by my house in a few min just to check everything but from what i have seen last night for about a good 4 hours,


nothing seems to be out of place


again thank you guys for the support,


if anyone else has anything to add please do ..


again thank you

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From our reference library, "Dark Fire Manuals and Firmware":


"String Up Failure - debug


If you are having difficulty with the String Up procedure = you may observe the red dot next to the bottom of the green arrow lights up (just above the guitar symbol for piezo) and no winding motion is present.


The red dot indicates "communication error".

This means that a message was sent to the neck without reply!

Dark Fires body CPU communicates with the neck CPU via the strings:

E, D and B strings = - (GND)

A, G and e strings = + and communication

Next time make sure to put on at least one of the GND strings and one of the communication (+) strings.

If you put on all strings first, you will get the best performance.

Just make sure that they don´t touch each other."


Notice the reference to the e,g,and a strings, the same as mentioned in your earlier post. It would seem you have a communication problem. Elantric has provided the solution before on this forum, but I don't remember where. Perhaps he'll come to the rescue once again.

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white flashing LEDs indicate a short!

The strings carry power and data to the neck. If only one string is touching a hardware part (bridge, taipiece, even a fret bar!!) or another string, the system wont work!!

If the Gibson "G" on the neck electronic cover does not start flashing once you activate the system, it is most likely that there is also a white LED on the MCK flashing = short circuit = no power on neck electronics.


1) Check the ball ends, they must not touch the tailpiece at all.

2) Check all string bars on the saddles, the strings must be in the middle position of each string bar.

3) Check the tuner posts, the strings must not touch each other, cut all string ends very close to its post!!

4) Check the tailpiece and bridge height and adjust if needed!


If all of this does not work, do the following:

- remove the high e string, afterwards try to tune. If it works now, the problem was the high e string.

- If it wont work, remove the B string and try to tune... and so on...


Keep in mind that there must be at least two strings to maintain function, one for ground GND (-) and one for power (+) and data.


Strings for GND (-) = Low E, D, B

Strings for power (+) and data = A, G, high e



You play. We tune.

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GOR is different:


E, A = (+)

D, G = (-)

B,e = (data)


You need at least 3 strings on the guitar, one of each (+), (-) and (data).

Otherwise the tuning system would not work.



You play. We tune.

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