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Problems with my DF (PLEASE HELP!)


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Excuse me i need some help, I have my Gibson Dark Fire and worked perfectly until i tried to do a different tuning so i strum the strings and the A string broke, after that the e string powerhead didn't wind, so i thought that it needed the broken string so can send the information to make the e string powerhead wind.

So I changed all strings and now the e and G string don't wind, they make the sound like they do but the powerheads don't move at all!

What can i do??

I apreciate very much for any help!


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Welcome Jorge!


Check here: http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=17131


also here: http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=13065


It seems you may have a short; check carefully. Let us know all symptoms in detail; our members/moderators *will* help you through this (we have a very helpful and positive forum)!


I hope this helps!

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sorry to hear that.



If you hear winding noise and the powerhead is not moving at all, it might be a connection issue from the powerhead to the Neck PCB.


1) Please inspect the tuning pegs that wont work. If the case rotated, rotating back to it's original position (level with the back plate with the light up G) will fix the problem.

Tighten the nut to make sure it will stay in this position!

So anyone who happens to bump their headstock and something doesn't work, check your pegs to make sure they are straight.


2) Also, carefully cleaning the contact pins may help.

Therefore remove the pegs by unscrewing them and clean the contact pins on the bottom of the case. Afterwards level the case with the back plate with the light up Gibson "G" and screw tight.



You play. We tune.

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Thax guys for your quick reply, i already tried what you guys mention,the e powerhead was little bit moved so i line it up, and now the e powerhead moves but with difficulty, when strum the string it moves forward then quits moving but still makes the winding sound, then strum it again, again forward and the winding sound, then sturm it again and goes backwards and still quit s moving and keep the winding sound.

and the G powerhead, still makes a minor winding sound but still doesnt move at all!

and the MCK flashes yellow no white short circuit flash

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A flashing yellow string letter at the MCK means that the tuning head is turning; if it's not, then something (physical or electrical) is preventing it from freely doing so.


From Dark Fire Owner Letter in our reference section:

"Once in default mode from pulling the MCK out, here's how to tune to standard tuning (A=440Hz).

1. Strum all six strings normally—not too hard, not too soft.

2. The Powerheads will turn robotically and the MCK's String LEDs will shine various colors to

indicate tuning status. Here's what the colors mean:

? Red (solid): String not in tune, or not yet tuned

? Red (flashing): Measuring string frequency

? Blue (solid): Signal is clipping (the strum was too hard; strum more softly))

? Yellow flashing: Powerheads turning to tune string

? Purple solid: String frequency at extreme end of range

? Green: Individual string in tune

? All LEDs off, except one LED solid blue: Tuning is complete

? White (blinking): Short circuit detected. Check if the string touches the tail piece, the bridge, a

fret, or another string. Check that the string is cut close to the posts, and also check that it is in

the center of the bridge saddle..

3. When the guitar is in tune, all LEDs will turn off except for the currently selected LED position

(either E, A, D, G, B, or e), which will shine solid blue.

4. If all the LEDs don't turn off as described in step 3, strum all six strings again. This may be

necessary if the guitar is considerably out of tune. It should take only one or two strums for

Dark Fire to be in tune.

5. Push the MCK back in—you're ready to play."

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