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Kramer Baretta Special NICE!!!

Brett Nelson

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I gotta say, for a couple hundred bucks, I was seriously impressed. For cheaper tuners, cheaper bridge, cheaper pickup, it wasn't to bad at all. It wasn't set up to bad either. I've played and repaired for quite some time. I was looking for just a body to place a humbucker in, 1 volume, strat style. Found this Baretta, and ordered it in a blue, was going to put a Warmoth neck on it. But, after playing it, was so pleasantly surprised, decided to keep the neck and body together. Since I've had it, I've upgrade the tuners to Gotohs, filed the fret edges a bit, and put Titanium Saddles on it. The tremelo, and springs work awesome so far. I might put a better nut on it, a Duncan JB or Invader in, and a better Volume pot.  But, through a Marshall Dsl40c, this Kramer, even before I put the better parts on it, sounded pretty decent. Remember, 200 bucks. The truth of it is, having difficulties playing my other Guitars. It's very very comfy, neck kinda Ibanezy, but not. Terrific job to Kramer and Gibson. Sadly, I'll most likely buy a couple more, which I'll have to lie to my Lady about. It's what I do. And I've loved my Woman for a long time. But, today I'm lovin my Kramer. Again, great job!!!

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