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Spirit Bass Truss Rod

jim g

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Talk about weird, I hadn't done a setup on my Spirit XT-25 for a few years being as I hardly ever play it. I was not surprised to find some fret buzz since wood shrinks a lot here in the desert and backbows are fairly common. Relief was down around .010, so I went to back the truss rod off and discovered that it's seized up. Add to that that I stripped out the truss rod nut trying to loosen it. Not even a Stew Mac Gripper truss rod tool wants to move it. Cheap Chinese steel, I guess. I don't know if the truss rod is single action or double action. I found nothing on the website that said. If it's single action, I can perhaps get the nut off and replace it. If it's double action, the bass essentially becomes firewood. Does anyone know which it is? If it matters, I believe mine is a 2018.

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