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What is the size of my 2006 Masterbilt AJ500MNS so I can install a pickup?

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I am looking to buy a Fishman Matrix Infinity VT pickup for my 2006 Epiphone Masterbilt. The pickup is sold with a "narrow" or "wide" configuration. The "narrow" is for guitars, including many Martins, with a 3/32 inch width of the saddle. The "wide" pickup is for guitars with a 1/4 -inch saddle width. I understand that many GIbson acoustics have this width. I guess I could measure but my eyes are as old as the rest of my body so I'd rather not. I have a luthier buddy who has told me he will install the pickup for free.

So any help will be appreciated. It's a fine guitar I think and my buddy, who makes his own private line of acoustics, agrees.

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I need to correct my post as the "wide" pickup is for guitars with a 1/8-inch wide saddle ... not 1/4 inch.  No response in more than two weeks but more than 100 views. I would have  hoped somebody would  have owned a similar guitar and made a measurement for me. Oh, well. I'm going to my luthier this afternoon and he will measure the saddle for me.


Believe me when I say in all honesty ... thanks for nothing, folks.


Yeah, remove me, administrators. I don't care. What is the use of a forum any way when you ask a polite question and nobody bothers to respond?

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