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Recording Dark Fire with Guitar Rig and Ableton

Gibs0n Silverburst

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How do I go about getting this set up to where Ableton can detect what I'm doing within Guitar Rig 3 through the Rip & Dark Fire? I noticed there are recording functions within Guitar Rig as well (to be more descriptive a recording button) and I'd like to get some Wav files out so I can begin using this equipment to it's fullest potential, I thought opening Ableton after having Guitar rig 3 open then hitting record would pick up what I was doing but nothing was detected or recorded, what am I doing wrong here? Worst case scenario there's always the Yamaha AW16 for recording purposes but I'd like to take full advantage of Guitar Rig and the quality it presents. Thank you for your help!

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That is the basic concept:


- Open Live

- Choose RIP in the prefs for I/O*

- Insert GR3 as a plug-in in one audio track

- Select a Rip channel as Input

- Activate the track for record

- Put the monitoring switch to auto


(Mute all the stuff in the RIP / Gibson control panel)


This should get you going,


Now the concept can be further refined, mutiple GR3s, multiple Ins (for piezo/mag and/or separate piezos) etc.


Of course RTFMs will help a lot too ;-)




*Or select your soundcard for I/O and just use the RIP's analog outs to go in the Ins of your soundcard (In this mode you should Unmute the stuff in RIP / Gibson control panel). If you have a good soundcard this "could" provide a shorter latency...

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Need a bit of help with this subject too! Have the RIP connected and Guitar Rig all working fine. I am trying to get Ableton up and running as well. Can anyone give me a direction or web link on how to get the guitar to show in Ableton. I have the I/O set to the RIP but it will not detect the guitar. Is there something about activating a track for the guitar. I have played around with all of the different sounds and they do play thru my amp, just not the guitar yet. I have tried the manual and tutorial movies but no luck or maybe I am confused old fart!


Is this a typical setup.

RIP inputs to computer

Guitar Rig for Effects and Amps

Ableton Live for background instruments, recording


Do you even need to open the RIP software? I cannot get the guitar to play each individual string as listed in the manual.



Mark T

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Remember that with a plug-in, you're recording the dry guitar signal. The plug-in adds the effect on playback, so it's not part of the WAV file you recorded.


However, you can export the audio as a WAV file (solo the guitar track with the plug-in, put the loop locators around the part you want to export, then go to the File menu and export audio). This includes the sound of the plug-in.

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