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Epiphone Sheraton Machine Heads & Hardware - 1984 Matsumoku Model

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Hello People,

I've just joined this group and hope someone can help me.

I bought my Sheraton second hand back in the late '80s and thought it was about time I replaced all the tarnished 'gold' hardware.  There's so much stuff out there and some of it is expensive, so I could really do with some advice regarding where to buy gold coloured; Machine Heads/Tuners, Bridge & Tailpiece and Pick-up covers.

Regarding the machine heads... is the original set an OEM version of Grover Rotomatics? There's no branding on them, and in my opinion, they have always been the guitars weakpoint. So if someone could set me right on this and recommend some pegs that stay in tune it would be much appreciated... obviously I don't want to be drilling extra holes in the headstock though.

Cheers and thanks for your attention.


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