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Steinberger GT Pro Deluxe - EMG-89/SA/89R, Kill Switch, Mini-Toggle Wiring Hookup

James Limborg

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Anthony at EMG helped me create this wiring hookup for their EMG-89 [Bridge], EMG-SA [Middle], and EMG-89R [Neck] pickups.  If I purchased and liked the Steinberger GT Pro Deluxe this is how I would customize it.  The volume knob is in the way of my picking hand so I removed the tone control and moved the volume control to where the tone control was; And then to fill-in the hole where the volume control was I installed a black Tesi 16mm momentary kill switch.  I removed the 5-position pickup selector lever switch and installed two gold DPDT ON-OFF-ON 3-way mini-toggle switches [in the 5-position switch screw holes] to control the bridge and neck pickups and one gold ON-ON mini-toggle switch [in the center of the 5-position switch slot] to control the middle pickup; With this setup a person can have 15 varities of pickup sound options [See below].  Around each mini-toggle switch I added black tapered dress nuts.  I would have Surface Solutions in Fridley, Minnesota TiN Coat the bridge-saddle-rollers and tremelo-bar the gold-color [Gold plating wears off.  TiN Coating does not wear off].

Variety Of Pickup Sound Options
Single Pickup Sound Options
1. Bridge Dual-coil
2. Bridge Single-coil
3. Middle
4. Neck Dual-coil
5. Neck Single-coil

Two Pickup Sound Options
6.  Bridge Dual-coil, Middle
7.  Bridge Single-coil, Middle
6.  Neck Dual-coil, Middle
7.  Neck Single-coil, Middle
8. Bridge Dual-coil, Neck Dual-coil
9. Bridge Dual-coil, Neck Single-coil
10. Bridge Single-coil, Neck Dual-coil
11. Bridge Single-coil, Neck Single-coil

Three Pickup Sound Options
12. Bridge Dual-coil, Middle, Neck Dual-coil
13. Bridge Dual-coil, Middle, Neck Single-coil
14. Bridge Single-coil, Middle, Neck Dual-coil
15. Bridge Single-coil, Middle, Neck Single-coil



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