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Weird sound on Les Paul Classic Worn


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due to an issue with the electronics, I brought my 2022 Les Paul Classic Worn to a luthier. He exchanged the pots for CTS ones, and replaced the toggle and output jack. He also set up the guitar.
Despite all that, when playing a double stop on the G and B strings (standard tuning) in the fifth bar using distortion (Positive Grid Spark Go preset), it doesn't sound right at all . Did the same on the other stings (i.e. E and A, A and D etc.) and that sounded OK (for what I can tell).
Here's a recording: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/5ol72g8opm8ldr155sw7g/epiphone.mov?rlkey=4chl0jxj0kj2jsk825x70l48x&dl=0

What could be the cause of that?

Note: I'm actually not sure if it was already there before the setup was done, but I guess that's likely. The luthier said it's "imperfect intonation".


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