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Gibson ES-295 Custom Wine Red 1996


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Hi everybody! 

I recently bought an amazing Gibson ES-295 from 1996, in wine red finish, and I almost coudnt find any information about it.  Even less how many was produced.

I wrote Gibson but they also barely has any information, and I only found online other 2 like mine. All from the same year 1996.

Nothing else, neither a single youtube video. 

I know that in the late 90s they produced this "Custom Shop Nashville" ES-295, but seems there is no information at all about how many was produced, especially about these 1996's Wine Red version. 

If somebody from all the experts around has any information and can share it, it will definitely make my day... Im so curious about this things 🙂

Thanks in advance!!! 


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Posted (edited)

Thats all I got from Gibson's reply, and the page from the Historic Series Catalog (1994) where the ES-295 is listed. 

I have the feeling that the wine red finish was custom order, or they just did very limited run... Looking forward to know some more info, if somebody have something about it 🙂





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