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non floating FR that floats a bit and Dtuna problem


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So i have a strange problem...that kinda looks regular with new Kramer guitars.

I have old Focus 3000 from 80's and it has non floating l, non recessed Floyd Rose Original. I have installed Dtuna on it and it works great.

Than i bought 2 new Kramers. One "The 84" model and one "Baretta" both equipped with Floyd Rose 1000. 

The strange thing is that those guitar are branded as top mounted, non recessed FR guitars (same as my old Focus). But guess what....both are non flushed and are few milimeters above the body and are floating...litlle bit but still. And the action is perfect so if I flush it the action is gonna be too low. Well I was guessing there is a shim that is making this work so I taught that I'm gonna remove the shim and lower the Floyd and it is gonna be perfect.....but....

There is no shim, and I tried to flush the trem but action is unplayable..So i have 2 questions.

1 What is the point of "non floating FR" that floats and can't be flushed (cause that is a case on both of my new Kramers so I guess that is a new thing)


2  How can I install my Dtuna on it and is it even possible (there is same Baretta with Dtuna as part of a deal so I guess there is a way)



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