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WHAT size are P-100 Height Adjust Screws??!?!? (1992 ES-135)

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The Phillips heads have worn out on my P-100 height adjusters.  I am told they're #3-48 at 1.5".  Impossible to find. 

So, I got new #3-48 size screws at 1.25".   Standard Gibson pickup height screws.  These are long enough to serve the neck pickup.  NOPE.  They bind in the mount plate.

I tried a gold Gibson #3-48 x 1.25" I have on hand.  NOPE.  Binds in the mount plate.   In desperation, I got M2.5 x 40 mm to see if THAT's what Gibson used.  NOPE.  Binds in the mount plate.

What the heck thread did Gibson use for this ES-135?   WHAT?  Augh!


135 pickup mount plate.jpg


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