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Legend J-45 for sale (no trades)


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Hello all,

I am selling my new J-45 Legend and thought I would give forum members first crack before heading to Ebay. I'll answer the obvious question first; "Why are you selling it?" I own two L-00 Legends, one standard and one custom. They are both identical in neck shape and body size. I am more comfortable with the smaller body and slightly wider string spacing. I wanted to experiment and I did. Now I just want to practice. The guitar is perfect. I've had it for about 2 months or less and it's probably been played an hour or two. It was selected from several Legends and was the favorite at the store I purchased it from. I normally take all my guitars to be set up at my luthier's (custom's as well) but this one is perfect. I have strung it with lights and mediums and the guitar likes both. Now, this is the Gibson forum and most members are familiar with this model. They also know the list price, advertised price, and real price. I don't need to sell the guitar, I want to. With that in mind, I'm willing to lose a little money but not a lot. I'll throw in shipping for continental US. If interested, email me at plenco1@aol.com. I'll be glad to give you my phone number if you would like to discuss the guitar. Comes with "red line" case and certificate and I'll even throw in a Gibson certificate cover that they have discontinued. Thanks for reading. I have deliberately refrained from superlatives concerning the guitar's sound as I figure those who may be interested already know how great these Legend Series guitars sound. Michael.

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