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Value of Vintage Gibson


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I have a Vintage 1957 Gibson J-45 Acoustic Guitar

Factory Order # U9002-25

This guitar has the preferred non-adjustable bridge.

My brother bought it in 1960 and it has been in the family since then.

It is in good condition with a straight neck and has never needed any repairs on the body or neck. There are some superficial scratches on the front above the sound hole and a small ding at edge of the back bottom. Everything is original except for the tuners, as the old pegs disintegrated. Currently, the tuning peg for the third string from the top appears to be stripped, as the key catches but then just continues to turn without pulling the string.

Also, the nut that spaces the strings at the head of the guitar has a small piece broken off where the bass string would sit.

Does anyone have any idea of the value of this guitar? I am considering selling it and, after scanning the internet, I've seen prices that range from $1500 to $7500.

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