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Bring back the Triumph!


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This was one of Gibby's most versatile and creative models. I was on the old forum looking for parts to repair mine, and it's a shame that you discontinued this model.


A circuit design by Les Paul himself, with tone control rivalling the best active models, without chewing up batteries. A tone that can't be equalled by any of the "other" brand, while going above and beyond anything "they" have to offer.


Pickups that can handle 5-string low B without modification ;) , and a neck design that would make for an outstanding fretless :-k .


It was ahead of its' time, and now the time has come. Don't be afraid of beating "them"; this is an iconoclastic model with a distinctive, unique sound. They'll sell quite well, and you'll make even more fans.

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I concur. I bought a brand new Triumph in '77. It was to suppliment my Ric' 4001 but the Ric' ended up staying home after only a couple gigs. I played out with it for 8 more years and then retired. My brother has the Triumph now and lives far away. I would really appreciate it if you fine folks in Nashville would seriously consider a reissue of this magnificent bass. Finding old ones is impossible and I'd rather not resort to breaking my brother's heart.


Thanks you for the consideration.


P.S. - From a Marketing Perspective wouldn't it be prudent to offer an email box for such request for us folks who know what we want but aren't wild about having are suggestions buried in a forum thread?

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